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Today, as I was exploring my Google Alerts for new content to share on social media, I stumbled upon this article on

The piece is entitled “Why Americans Need To Care About Digital Currency Accounting, Especially At Tax Time”.

The contributing author, Perry Woodin proceeds to regurgitate exactly what is taught in the indoctrination centers (state schools) and what you hear from the media.


Woodin goes on to describe how people should “comply” with the demands. And that regardless of the use, trading mining or otherwise, they need to pay a tax every step of the way.

This is wrong & immoral. It is one of the primary reasons Cryptocurrencies exist.

Blockchains are revolutionary because no central authority like government is needed. Governments don’t create or control cryptocurrencies and they can’t tell you what to do with your digital assets.

Crypto is honest money for honest people.

If you want to voluntarily pay a tax, that is your prerogative. But consent is always required.

Many cryptocurrency holders around the world simply don’t consent to the ridiculousness of modern day taxation. The US tax code is now  74,608 pages long.

Fortune reported recently that of the estimated hundreds of thousands of bitcoin users across America, only 802 individuals reported gains at tax time.

See what I mean?

People are over taxes and with good reason. Taxes fund pointless bureaucracies, jokers called police, and horrendous education systems, not to mention unjust courts.

All of these things can be done better, without government.

It is time we stop funding states and their scams. We don’t have to fight them, we can defund them and quit using dollars.

This is what Bitcoin is all about, ushering in a new age of voluntaryism and prosperity.

Now we have coins like DASH and PIVX, which increases the privacy of crypto assets. This trend will only increase and for good reason.


Join me and choose love, not statism.


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