Welcome to TrueLiberty.org! My name is Will Long, and I am happy that you have decided to check our website out.

True Liberty is a project and a brand, dedicated to seeking truth and having discussions about liberty and the future of humanity.

Adam Ernest, Nathan Hourt, and myself make up the three True Liberty Co-founders. We met each other working on the blockchain voting project, Follow My Vote. Since meeting we have found ourselves again and again in deep philosophical discussion.

My philosophical journey began shortly after college. I was raised a “conservative” in the good ol US of A. I quickly shifted to libertarianism once I started thinking for myself as a young teenager, but I didn’t dig deep and do any introspective work on my life until I started reading philosophy related texts after college. I have fellow True Liberty Co-founder, Nathan Hourt to thank for this. He introduced me to thought leaders in the anarchy space.

I am passionate about seeking truth and leading the way to a more peaceful and prosperous world. I am optimistic about the future of humanity. It has become apparent to me that more and more people are waking up everyday.

True Liberty aims to be a tool and a facilitator for learning about truth. I am extremely excited to be launching this podcast with some of my closest and most trusted friends.

I hope you enjoy our podcast and subscribe on Youtube and Steemit.


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Will Long

Will Long


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